Cafe Capitan – Good Citizen


Cafe Capitan
Cafe Capitan

Cafe Capitan


Regional Select, Mexico

Elevation: 1200-2100 MASL Varietal: Typica
Process: Washed Roasted: Nashville, TN
Notes: Green Grape, Chocolate & Blackberry, Sweet Medium


We are proud to support the producers of Café Capitan because they are so clearly committed to biodiversity and conservation on their land. Much of the area’s coffee is shade grown and all is certified organic. Due in large part to the shade these farms are actually carbon positive and serve as a buffer zone for Reserve El Triunfo, making it a safe place for many native plants and animals. While this region of Mexico already benefits from lush mountainside slopes, it also is home to many threatened species, like jaguars and pumas. Our additional 5% on top of the cost of green coffee helps these farmers to preserve the land these endangered species live on, making it a safe and healthy place for all. Café Capitan tastes like blackberry, green grape and dark chocolate with molasses and a sweet mouthfeel.