Las Margaritas Red Bourbon – Good Citizen
Las Margaritas Red Bourbon

Las Margaritas Red Bourbon


(Single Estate) Las Margaritas
Elevation: 1570-1850 MASL Varietal: Red Bourbon
Process: Washed Roasted: Nashville, TN
Notes: Plum & Clove, Vanilla Light  
We are so happy to partner with Rigoberto and his team at Cafe Granja Las Esperanza once again. This red bourbon comes from Las Margaritas farm in Valle del Cauca, Colombia, spanning 33.8 hectares, with a population of more than 94,000 coffee trees. This is the same farm that has produced Sean and Chelsea's competition coffees over the years. There is a very special place in our heart for the Cafe Granja team. Coffee farming is their passion and they bring curiosity and innovation into each growing season. This coffee tastes like plum, vanilla, and clove.