Finca Cedral Alto Natural – Good Citizen


Finca Cedral Alto Natural

Finca Cedral Alto Natural


(Single Origin) Costa Rica
Elevation: 1800 MASL Varietal: Catuaí
Process: Natural Roasted: Nashville, TN
Notes: Cherry & Caramel, Creamy Light


Another selection from the 2nd year purchasing from Roble Negro's Finca Cedral Alto. Simply put this coffee and the farmer, Jorge, are absolutely incredible. Roble Negro is an example of a truly biodiverse, intentional piece of land that is working together naturally for the good of the final product AND the good of those around it. Jorge is very passionate about preserving the environment - particularly the natural springs on the land. In addition to caring for Finca Cedral Alto he also owns a recycling company that he started in response to Costa Rica's pollution levels. 

If you were to take a walk at Roble Negro, like Sean got to last year, you would see the perfect picture of biodiversity. The water sources on the property provide drinking water for nearby towns and irrigation for the surrounding farms. There are waterfalls, orchids, bromeliads. It's a gardener's dream. You'd see oak, cedar, fig, avocado and guava trees. Cypress trees act as natural wind breaks. A short list of some animals you'd see are tiger cats, armadillos and mountain lions. Lemon, plantain and other fruit trees provide food for the workers and the animals. Jorge has also diversified his income by raising 10 cattle for milk and meat. You'd see him picking all the weeds by hand and never using an herbicide. Instead they harvest microorganisms from the humus layor of the forest floor to create a non-toxic insect control and to protect against leaf rust. While processing they take the cherry skins and reincorporate them into the soil to act as fertilizer. This coffee and Jorge's work should be celebrated and seen as an example of the beauty and efficacy of biodiversity. This coffee will taste like cherry and caramel with a creamy body.