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Sean Stewart (pictured right), is our Founder & Director of Roasting. Sean has a big heart for people. He assumes the best and wants to see the people he works with happy and thriving. Fluent in several languages, Sean has an incredible ability to connect with farmers and build lasting relationships. He's humble, listens more than he talks, and is a wonderful person to work with and do life around.

This is Diego Robelo, the General Manager of Aquiares, one of Costa Rica's most historic coffee farms. Diego's commitment to sustainability is not lost on us. As international coffee pioneers, the Aquiares team has devoted 20% of the farm's land to conservation. They are Rainforest Alliance Certified, Carbon Neutral and they even publish research papers to help educate themselves and the greater coffee community. With 50,000+ shade trees planted, they have transformed a monoculture environment into a holistic, biodiverse landscape where native organisms can thrive with minimal human interruption. What does this rich, thriving biome mean? Sweeter, smoother, and more balanced tasting coffee for generations to come. We are proud to work with Aquiares!

Investing In The Future.

The seeds of Flora & Fauna first took root in Costa Rica in a conversation between Sean and our friend and partner, Jorge Vasquéz Ureña.

While walking on Jorge's land, Finca Cedral Alto, Sean was amazed by Jorge's commitment to the betterment and commitment to the long-term health of his land. Not only apparent in the beauty and complexity of the farm, but also in the cup quality of the coffee he produced. Purchasing Jorge's first year crop just made sense. During their walk, they came upon a large squash patch on the farm, which was particularly intriguing because this land could easily be cleared for more coffee trees. Jorge explained that by diversifying the crops he grew and integrating animals into his agrarian system, he was encouraging a healthier ecosystem and creating a more nutritious soil. 

Jorge's commitment to the health of his land inspires us to this day. That's why for every retail bag of coffee sold we invest 5% back into the farmers we work and partner with. By investing in biodiversity, and farmers like Jorge, we invest in the future.

"Collaboration equals innovation"

- m. Dell

Experience Good Citizen

Good Citizen is not just a coffee brand, it's a lifestyle brand - one we aspire will connect and resonate with our customers. We roast coffee that appeals to all drinkers and aim to create useful products to go along with them. At the core of who we are, we want to be good people that advocate for biodiversity, creating true relationships with farmers, and delivering specialty coffee for future generations.