Nashville Tornado Relief – Good Citizen


Nashville Tornado Relief

 First of all, we are so grateful you all are all safe. We love you all very much.

So many of you have asked "How can I get involved?" "How can I give and support?" and some of you NEED support! So - let's be a true community and work together to help one another. 

We are working with our parent company, Designworks Collective, as well as Oatly Oat Milk to create a fundraiser for this weekend. We are still finalizing details, but we would love to invite you and your business to participate with us so we can raise money. 

One of our wholesale clients most tangibly affected by the storm has been Red Bicycle in Germantown. This isn't to discount our other Germantown partners at all - from what I've heard RB Germantown will be closed the longest, not only losing daily sales because of it, but also displacing 15 employees in the meantime. They are trying to share shifts at their other stores, but there aren't that many to give. 

So here's what we're doing - just like you would do if your best friend was in need - we are going to raise money to help make sure their team doesn't suffer. We talked about giving to different charities - but this is the most direct way we can help the people in our lives. 

We're inviting you to consider getting involved in the following ways: 

- Donate $1 from every cup of coffee sold this weekend

- Come up with a food special and donate a portion of the profits

- Donate $2 from every bag of coffee sold

- Offer shifts at your business if you have them 

- Throw a party and donate the proceeds 

- Use your contacts to ask for other corporate matching donations

We are encouraged and blessed by the love and generosity our community is showing one another. It's not often that we have a chance to ask all 115 of our wholesale partners to work together with one another - but I believe such a time as this is exactly when we need to link arms and be strong for those that are weak. Let's do unto others today and help our friends at Red Bicycle Germantown. 

Feel free to reach back out and let us know how you'd like to participate and we can coordinate gathering the funds. Oatly will be matching whatever we raise up to $3000, so we have the potential to collectively to be able to give $6000 to relief efforts throughout our community. 

AND if YOU and YOUR TEAM have a need that I've overlooked - please communicate with me. We want to help all of our partners in whatever way we can. 

Email with any ideas, ways you might need support, or ways in which we might be able to help your own relief initiative!

Again, thanks, and we love y'all!