Chocolate Nitro Coffee - 12 pack – Good Citizen
Chocolate Nitro Coffee - 12 pack
Chocolate Nitro Coffee - 12 pack
chocolate nitro coffee in can from Good Citizen Coffee Co next to a glass of iced coffee

Chocolate Nitro Coffee - 12 pack


Our signature canned coffees are created using hot-brewed extraction which allows us to pull out a full array of aromatics and flavors that are then flash chilled without dilution to lock in those flavors. We source high-quality, specialty-grade arabica coffees in a fair and equitable way that honors the farmer and the hard work they put into every coffee cherry. 

For our canned coffee, we've partnered with Oatly to add a sustainable, and allergy-friendly creaminess to our Chocolate and Oat Milk Nitro Coffee. Shake well, crack open and pour over ice or enjoy straight out of the can! 

Our canned coffee ships chilled with reusable cold packs for freshness. Canned coffee must be refrigerated upon arrival.

*All canned coffee orders are shipped the Tuesday following purchase to ensure freshness and temperature.*