Narino – Good Citizen



Single Origin, Colombia

Elevation: 1800-2100 MASL Varietals: Caturra,Castillo, Colombia
Process: Washed Roasted: Nashville, TN
Notes: Toffee & Lemon, Balanced Light


Nariño is a region in Colombia with coffees known for their mild flavor. The elevation is quite high, reaching up to 2200 MASL, and you’ll taste this in the cup. Sugars take longer to develop at that elevation, contributing to a very sweet cup of coffee. This particular lot comes from The Santana Project, composed of 35 producers in the region who farm organically. Each farmer has 1-3 hectares of land. Because of the small size of land each farmer is able to pay close attention to their entire crop - another component you will taste in the final cup. This coffee tastes like lemon and toffee and is balanced.